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Team Group Education Meetings

Group meetings are designed to provide athletes with the knowledge and skills for selecting the proper sport specific nutritional pattern to optimize their health and performance.

Topic areas addressed include:

  • Nutrition 101
  • Exercise Physiology 101
  • The role of carbohydrates and protein
  • Hydration and performance
  • Timing of dietary intake for performance
  • Dietary supplements
  • Travel nutrition/dining out recommendations

Educational handouts as well as sample meal and snack plans are provided to help the athletes achieve their recommendations.

Prior to each meeting, players, coaches and athletic trainers will be asked to write down topics and/or questions they would like addressed during the group meetings.

Contact Information:

Nutrition Clinic


4660 S. Hagadorn Rd.
Suite 410 Eyde Building
East Lansing, MI 48823


Joe Carlson, Ph.D.

Joey Eisenmann, Ph.D.

Radiology Building
Michigan State University
846 Service Road
East Lansing, MI 48824