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Joey C. Eisenmann

Joey C. Eisenmann, PhD

Dr. Eisenmann is a diverse research scientist whose framework draws from the areas of auxology (the study of human growth and maturation), human biology, exercise physiology, and epidemiology. He has published 130 peer-reviewed papers and lectured widely on the growth- and maturity-related variation of body size and function, and its impact on pediatric obesity and cardio-metabolic health and physical performance of children and adolescents. In other words, he is interested in how children grow and mature physically, how the body changes in size and composition (muscle mass, body fat, and bone) during childhood and adolescence, how physical capacities (strength, aerobic capacity, etc.) change with age and during puberty, and how these physical traits are related to health indicators (obesity, cardiovascular health) and physical or sports performance.

He completed the Ph.D. at Michigan State University in 2000 and has held faculty positions at the University of Wyoming, York University, Iowa State University, and Michigan State University. He has also served as the senior clinical and translational research scientist at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.  In July 2012, Dr. Eisenmann joined the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine to continue his research with Dr. Joe Carlson in child growth, body composition and cardio-metabolic health of young people and also develop a collaborative program between the Spartan Nutrition and Performance Program (SNAPP) and MSU SportsMEDICINE and Rehabilitation Medicine aimed at the health and performance of the young athlete, including an innovative sports performance program.  The combination of Dr. Eisenmann’s academic knowledge, practical experience in youth sports, understanding of the science of sports training, and pediatrics provides him with a unique lens on the young athlete.

He is involved in several national-level projects involving pediatric exercise medicine including: the North American Society for Pediatric Exercise Medicine Board of Directors, the American College of Sports Medicine Pediatric Exercise Medicine working group; the National Association for Children’s Hospital and Related Institutions child obesity task force, the Pediatric Data Harmonization Project, and the scientific advisory board for FITNESSGRAM, the nation’s youth fitness testing program.


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