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Frequently Asked Questions

How will participating in (S)Partners benefit my child?
(S)Partners for Heart Health aims to instill in your child basic nutrition and physical activity values in the hopes of providing the foundation to build a healthy future for him/herself. Participating in the program also provides two free health screenings that include height, weight, blood pressure, body mass index and waist circumference.

Will my child meet his/her MSU (S)Partner in person?
Most likely, however it is sometimes difficult to coordinate schedules of college students and grade school classes.

Who will be monitoring the communication between my child and his/her MSU (S)Partner?
MSU faculty, staff and graduate students will be in charge of monitoring all communication between your child and the MSU (S)Partners.

Will all information pertaining to my child be kept confidential?
You and your child's confidentiality will be protected to the maximum extent allowable by law. Only key MSU investigators and MSU's Institutional Review Board (IRB) will have access to project data. All information reported on this project will be reported as a group and no names or identifiers will be attached. Project data will be stored in a locked office at MSU for a minimum of three years following closure of this study.

Can parents volunteer to help with any activities?
We are working with your local MSU Extension staff to recruit and utilize parent volunteers and to help coordinate community activities.

How long will my child be expected to participate in (S)Partners?
Your child will participate in activities throughout their 5th grade year.

After my child leaves the 5th grade, will any of the program's activities be available for him/her?
All (S)Partners activities and website access will end with the academic school year's end.

Will all activities that my child is expected to participate in be during school hours?
Primarily all of the activities will be conducted during school hours. The only activity that your child might complete outside of school hours is recording nutrition and physical activity progress on a tracking card. Your child may also log onto the secure (S)Partners website from home if there is a computer at home.

What will my role be?
It will improve your child's success with positive nutrition and physical activity habits if you are aware of the (S)Partners program and it's components. For example, your child may need encouragement and reminders when it is time to wear a pedometer and to track food and activity on a tracking card.

Can my child withdraw from (S)Partners at any time?
Participating in this project is optional for your child. Your child can choose to stop or not participate at any time. Your child may also decide that he/she does not want to participate in some things that are part of the study. While we hope your child will participate in this project, no one will be upset if he/she does not choose to be in the project.

Contact Information:

Brook Skinner
SPartners Project Coordinator

Joe Carlson, Ph.D.
Primary Investigator

Joey C. Eisenmann, Ph.D.

Karin Pfeiffer, Ph.D.

Radiology Building
Michigan State University
846 Service Road
East Lansing, MI 48824