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Graduate Students

*Katie Murtha, BS, RD - Fall 2009- TBD; Masters program -Food Science Human Nutrition and cognate in exercise physiology , Committee JJ Carlson(Co-chair), L Weatherspoon (Co-chair) , JC Eisenmann

Thesis topic - Sports Nutrition- health status in collegiate athletes

*Carrie Banner, BS, RD- Fall 2009- TBD; Masters program -Food Science Human Nutrition cognate in exercise physiology, Committee JJ Carlson (chair) , JC Eisenmann, TBA

Thesis topic - Nutrition and CVD risk in 5th grade children

*Natalie Stein, BS- Spring 2007- Current; Expected completion date, Spring 2010. Committee- JM Slade (Co-chair), JJ Carlson (Co-chair), D Romsos, N Hord

Thesis - The Effect of Acute Exercise and Nutrition on Cognition in Older Adults.

*Heidi Clark, MS, RD- Completed Fall 2005- Spring 2007. Thesis- The relationship of nutrition knowledge and behaviors to body composition in collegiate football players exposed to an off-season nutrition education program. Committee- JJ Carlson (chair), W Song, J Pivarnik.

# Kimbo Yee, MS student Fall 2008- TBD: Committee JC Eisenmann (chair), KA Pfeiffer, JJ Carlson.

Thesis topic- Relationship of parental support for nutrition and exercise and metabolic syndrome in 5th grade children

# Darijan Student- PhD Student, Fall 2008- TBD: Committee KA Pfeiffer, (chair), JC Eisenmann, JJ Carlson.

Thesis topic - TBD

* in SCVN

# collaborating projects

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